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You may have noticed the increase in dominance of Active wear worn as everyday fashion. This trend has been steadily gaining pace over the last 2 years. For Millennials (13-32 years old), it’s perfectly acceptable now to wear black smart trainers with dark formal wear or leggings instead of denim and young people the world over are decked in Adidas, Nike or Lulu lemon on a daily basis.

The need for a more relaxed look and feel and the technical properties of sportswear materials mean that this gear is perfect for modern living. As proof of the strength of this phenomenon, Net-a-Porter, the on-line luxury retailer launched Net-a Sporter with no extra budget and was surprised at the success of the category. They noted that there was a 60 to 40 ratio of Lifestyle shoppers versus Athletes.

There is also a steady stream of young on line startups taking advantage of the Athleisure trend: Aday, has integrated technology usually used in Olympic athletes gear into their Stylish Active wear.

The Hult Jacket is a living example of this movement. As versatile as it comes, wear it smart, wear it casual, wear it as urban active wear. Manufactured in north Portugal in a small family run unit, which also makes for the likes of Helly Hanson, the outer shell feels soft to the touch and gives excellent shower resistance. The inner mesh lining which has taped contrast color seams is reminiscent of true sportswear. This style can be dressed up or down and certainly warrants further investigation. Shop the Hult Activewear Jacket here 


  • Aaron Hatcher

    Hello There,

    This kinda new trend build from last 2 years. Now on we can see many of us especially the young people are following this trend. This rising trend is absolutely brilliant and people may have their comfortable feel.

  • Tucann
    Rising trends look brilliant.

  • Ricardo Bontempo

    Interesting article, a style is about feeling comfortable, athleisure is a good way to start refreshing styles, people too dressed in these days make people think about unconfidence, people with a fresh style gives a new feeling in every aspect of life, even business. Go to

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